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Micro Loans
Micro Loans

One great option for small businesses in need of capital yet keep getting turned down by those traditional financing sources like banks is to look for a micro loan. Micro loans are not only for existing growing businesses but perfectly fine for start up business as well.

Plus, most micro lenders find other (alternative) ways to underwrite and approve their small business loans - ways in which credit, collateral or cash flow does not matter.

Get up to $35,000 for a start up business and up to $50,000 for an existing business.

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Business Grants
Business grants

Is your business in the market for a business grant.

Now, most business grants are for non-profit businesses only - but not all of them.

We have taken some time to compile a list of on-going grants for businesses (for profit or otherwise).

To see what they are and if you qualify:


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