Business Money Today Business Money Today has been helping entrepreneurs find and access capital (money) since 2007. Through the Business Money Today website, business owners can quickly and easily find the capital they need to start, grow and succeed! Research into the top issues that growing businesses face year after year is access to growth capital (money for their business). Access to growth capital has been one of the top ten concerns for businesses over the last decade or so.

The problems this website seeks to mitigate are as follows:

  • Many business owners just don’t know where to turn when attempting to find capital to start, run or grow their businesses.
  • Business owners find it hard to take time away from their businesses when attempting to get money for growth.
  • Many seasonal businesses find it very hard to get traditional funding for growth.
  • Most standard loan product’s terms and conditions usually harm growing business rather then help.
  • Most online sites just refer businesses to capital brokers who then refer businesses to other websites or brokers.

These are just a few of the problems this website hopes to help business owners overcome. In time, the creators of this website hope to create a portal in which all business owners can access both information and capital easily and quickly so that they can continue to mold and build their operations. SO, LET US BE YOUR BUSINESS MONEY NETWORK – WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND REACH YOUR DREAMS. Keep in mind that Business Money Today only provides information and resources to help business owners find the money or capital they need. There is never a charge to use our site or access our information and resources.

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Client Review

Jack Fackrell, CEO Humaneyezed

"The process was easy, and within minutes I had offers in my inbox. I was impressed."

Client Review

Bill Beatty, Co-Founder Losina Art Center

"It was a simple process and fast. We had the funding we needed in less than a week."

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